Lake House Arts presents a vibrant and engaging exhibition program profiling artists and groups that are both nationally and locally recognized as well as community based and local artistic talents. Our exhibition program strives to represent a wide range of visual art mediums, including historical and multi-cultural themes with links to a selection of regional and local, arts and cultural events. The exhibition program is accompanied by a range of public programes including artist’s talks, exhibition tours and art workshops for adults and children. 

Lake House Arts has several exhibition spaces: The Becroft Gallery, The Cafe Gallery, The Tindall Room, the Art Capsule, Pop up Studio, the upstairs Harcourts Heritage Homes and buildings exhibition hallway. We also collaborate with a network with external organizations and businesses to provide a a wider exhibition opportunity to our members and artists, these include Spenser on Byron and the Pump House Theater. 

Cafe Concept - 4 Artists

Wednesday 2 August 2017 - Sunday 29 October 2017

-- 4 Artists --

Paul Woodruffe

Jamie Chapman

Christian Nicolson

Fats White

Contact programmes@lakehousearts.org.nz  for info/sales  


The Alchemy of Glass

Monday 25 September 2017 - Sunday 29 October 2017

DrewGold (Andrew Goldfinch), Kim Logue, Tiffany Singh, Bevis Tane Hatch

An exhibition of  glass

Alchemy - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination. Each artist has chosen their own view of practice, considering the creation of cast crystal, natural volcanic glass or other media, and its relationship to lost wax casting and the progression into an immutable permanent material. To give the viewing public an opportunity to connect with art glass on multiple levels while showcasing many aspects of the glass practice in saleable form. 

Saturday October 14th – 11am – 12pm: Artist Talk in the Becroft Gallery

Alchemy of Glass Associated Workshops: Wax Work & Plaster Casting (3 Mondays)

This is an instructional course, over three evenings, to give students an opportunity to create 3D wax works and progress these waxes into a 3D positive plaster mold ready for use in a glass studio to cast glass into.​  For more information and to book CLICK HERE

Printmakers' Corner

Sunday 1 October 2017 - Monday 30 October 2017

The Studio Printmakers' is a collective formed in the 1990's by a group of practicing printmakers.

The initial aim was to provide a studio where printmakers could experiment and learn form one another.

It is now a vibrant communal space hosting workshops, exhibitions and tutorships from national and internationally respected printmakers.

On a monthly turn around the Lake House will now have a designated space in the downstairs hallway of the house to exhibit our residents' work on an ongoing basis.

This time we introduce Toni Harthill and Celia Walker 

See more at www.printmakers.co.nz 

Members’ Merit exhibition & Awards 2017

Monday 30 October 2017 - Saturday 25 November 2017

CLICK HERE to download all the information and registration form.

The Lake House Members Merit Exhibition & Award is a tradition for our members (Members and Friends Card holders). We invite you to participate in the 2017 group exhibition to be held in the Becroft Gallery.

This year we are introducing two sections, an Open Section and a Themed Section, with two prize awards. All applications are eligible for the Open Section; finalists will be curated into the Members Merit Exhibition. 40 – 50 finalists will exhibit in the Becroft Gallery. Those not selected as finalists will be considered for a Salon des Refusé Exhibition in the Tindall Room and other parts of the house.

The Themed Section for 2017 is entitled “Another brick in the Wall” and challenges our Members to reflect on their own experiences and thoughts on living in our diverse community. The Themed Section presents the opportunity for members to produce a new work that relates to the concept of Cosmopolitan Co-existence. (familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.)

To become a Friend of Lake House and enter the Awards please register online and complete the Friends membership process. Details here 


Our sponsors for this year - Takapuna Art Supplies and Art New Zealand


For further information please e-mail to Janie van Woerden on programmes@lakehousearts.org.nz 




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