Ceramic Sculpture (Int/Adv) with Susan Browne

Ceramic Sculpture (Int/Adv) with Susan Browne

A class for the more experienced practitioner who wants to hone skills and develop further. 

Kiln firing and basic glazing included in price.  Clay can be purchased in advance from CCG Industries https://www.ccg.co.nz/ or Botpots http://www.botpots.co.nz/

$290/$260 (LH Member)                                                                     

SBA1: Ceramic Sculpture (Int/Adv)
Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018 - Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018
10am - 12.30pm

Sorry you cannot book in this class as it has already started. Please contact education@lakehousearts.org.nz for late enrolments.

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