The Nomadic Art Gallery - Inaugural Exhibition

Date: 24 January 2020 - 31 January 2020

Exhibitions and Events

Celebrate the Nomadic Art Gallery with us on Sunday Jan 26 at 4pm

The Nomadic Art Gallery is a mobile art gallery which steps away from traditional art spaces. Its emphasis on “cultural discoveries” guides spectators to eight pinned-down locations in New Zealand, where multidisciplinary artistic events are held, shedding light on local artists and the communities behind these.

Alongside the exhibitions held inside the gallery, the outside of this mobile art space serves as a canvas offering numerous artists the chance to express themselves. In this way, the Nomadic Art Gallery itself becomes a public participatory artwork. The rather complex but accessible theme “LIFE” is the overarching exhibition theme for both exhibitions held inside the gallery as well as for the public participatory artwork on the outside of it.

This gallery paves the way for unconventional artistic exhibitions, workshops, cinematic screenings and bridges the gap between art & people. This ephemeral art project aims to “unite” people across New Zealand and reflect on the country’s creative forces and freedom.

Minrui Jang graduated with honors from Elam in 2019. The artist with Chinese roots explores the transformative nature of space and the often fragmented memories one has about these spaces. Her recent work has involved a process of seeing the surrounding landscape and environment filtered through the aesthetic lens of Chinese Shanshui painting. 

Ada Leung also graduated from Elam but in 2018. Coming from a Chinese background, she is concerned with re-contextualising her everyday environment through manipulating recognisable items and repurposing them into unexpected contexts. Within her process, Ada embodies a notion of work derived from the attitude of an everyday labourer; working patiently and meticulously with found items or cheaply brought, accessible object. 


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